MASSAGE JAKARTA | Gloria Spa, house call spa & massage treatment in jakarta

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Call Massage Services Jakarta | Massage Health | Family Massage | Healthy Massage GLORIA SPA Traditional health massage service calls 24 hours a day special for you who are able to restore the body’s fitness from aches and fatigue.
We are a massage service or spa call 24 hours serving to the apartment house or residence kost house.
You do not need to bother and time out on the trip with a direct call or order and our therapist will be prepared to be sent according to the destination address.

GLORIA SPA is one of the fitness and relaxation massage services for your body health by giving priority to quality of service (not providing massage ++ or vitality) please try our service from GLORIA SPA and hope you are satisfied to be one of our best customer.

GLORIA SPA – massage jakarta / massage call / health massage / family massage / healthy massage / hotel massage / traditional massage and fitness reflection / massage, give your family massage service. You can contact us via telephone and our trained masseuse will come to your residence so that the convenience
You in enjoying our massage services will be more assured.

* Menu Services GLORIA Spa:
1. Traditional Massage (Traditional Massage)
Excellent body-wide massage for relaxation and so
Can eliminate stress after doing daily activities.
2. Massage Body Scrub (Massage Scrub)
Full body massage and body scrub, excellent for
Refreshing the body and lifting the skin cells
That die so the skin feels fresh again.
3. Massage Sprains (Displaced Massage)
Massage therapy for sprains and hips and restores muscle elasticity.
4. Massage Infants and Children (Child and Baby Massage)
Special body-specific massages of infants and children for smooth circulation of children’s blood.
5. Massage scrape (Massage Scallops)
Massage for the cold.
6.Reflexiology Massage that prioritizes the nerves of the feet and hands.

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* We Are Ready to Serve You 24 Hours Full
Please Contact Us:

082136437286 – 085773180738



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